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Back to Singapore after 3 months in New Zealand, I decided to groom up myself a bit before I go on board for my new job =)

First fix: Clean up my messy hair-do which have the same color as Kiki (friend’s dog) at Act Point Salon
Second fix: Give my hands and legs a manicure and pedicure treat at Absolutely Nails

Absolutely Nails used to be located at Blk 82 Marine Parade Central, but have moved to 136 East Coast Road since 1st November 2013. It’s hidden behind Feet Haven so you might not be able to locate it easily (the signboard is not very visible), also, since it is located behind Feet Haven and Feet Haven only open at 1pm, make sure you make an appointment in advanced so you can have your friendly manicurist to welcome you at the door (or you will not be able to enter since the main door will not be open).

Since I am early (10.30am on a Wednesday working day), I’m the only customer in the store and I feel like VIP~

Cute dustbin. 😛


Simple decoration with new furniture


Saw loads of Polaroid on the door… is this for the “Spot the boss” game?


Color of the day? 😛

I was really lazy to think of the colors so my manicurist need to keep prompting me on my preference. She is patient and friendly and I appreciate her servicing me with a cheerful spirit, it really helps to enhance a customer’s experience…
Side note: I guess long holiday helps to keep an employee happy, the cheerful lady was just back from her two weeks holiday. *Hint to all bosses in Singapore*
After slightly more then 1.5 hours, my manicure and pedicure is finally done!

Knowing I am a lazy blogger who like no fuss nails, the manicurist suggest I get nude pink color for easy maintenance
(and Arghh…. my hands looks really old!)


Royal blue color for my tired legs – my fatal attraction for blue nail polish


My friendly manicurist, Yaxin – the friendly lady kept me well entertained throughout the session

Absolutely Nails
136 East Coast Road Singapore 428821
Operation Hours
Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 20:30
Sat – Sun: 10:00 – 19:00
Contact Number: 6345 3303
Facebook Page:

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