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SingTel & Singapore Cancer Society’s Race Against Cancer 2013

This round I decided to participate in the 15km run for Race Against Cancer 2013.

I know I should try reduce my 10km timing to less than an hour before I try a longer distance, but impatient me wish to push my limit a bit further. Happened that SingTel & Singapore Cancer Society’s Race Against Cancer 2013 have the 15km category, which sounds much more attractive than the 21km run in other running events… so I am here on a Sunday morning.

It’s a long time since I last wake up to see the morning sky


The famous charity runner from Singapore: Ah Siao is preparing himself for the 15km run


Excited to start my first 15km run

This is the first time I attempted any distance longer than 10km 🙂

Not exercising for months, it take quite some time for me to reach the 1km point T__T


Lectured by RAC bear: Keep running, stop taking photography… but unfortunately I am not a obedient runner 🙁




The hand cyclist are doing an impressively good job. Kudos to them!


Quite impressively, there are a lot of water station along the 15km, and surprising, the road is quite clean compare to other runs, kudos to the efficient cleaner and the considerate runners who tried not to litter the place.


Even RAC bear also infected by the “Keep Calm virus”. Keep Calm and Keep Running~
And yes, the bear is cute. 🙂


When I saw the 10km distant marker board, I so wish I signed up for the 10km run instead of the 15km run… but alas, keep walking! (Opps! Aren’t I supposed to be running?)

Guess what? I saw the tyre runner – Ah Siao when I was near the10km distance marker board, he is running opposite at the 11km point, steadily with no signs of slowing down. Admire him to the max. Kudos~

Time for reflection….


Finished running my last kilometers~ I feel so touched for myself 😛


RAC bear tempt us to run faster for ba-na-na (suddenly feel like minions)~~~


Happy!! After struggling for 2+ hours, I finally reached the finished point, my longest run ever~

I thought I will sit down and cry by the time I reached the finished point, but I didn’t too dehydrated and hungry to do so. Keke~

RAC bear cheered for me~ Aren’t it cute?


Reward after the run:
1 Finisher Medal,
1 bottle of mineral water,
1 banana,
2 Yakult (too thirsty, so drank 1 before taking photo)


Meet Jackson after the run so let’s take a photo~

[Updated on 23 Jul 2013]
Found my photo on SingTel & Singapore Cancer Society’s Race Against Cancer 2013 facebook page album! Can you find me? Unfortunately I look like I am like the wet market stall auntie with the waist pouch and my racing bib hanging weirdly around my ‘invisible waist’. Can you also see the pacer for Ah siao – Fuse Lee, in the photo beside me? 🙂

Image credit: SingTel & Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer Facebook Album

And I managed to find my result on: http://www.digitalracesolutions.com.sg/cgi-bin/common/results/rac2013/search.pl. Somehow the facebook post gave us the wrong information telling us we can get the result on the event website, but the event website only leave us the note **Please note that 2013 results will be posted on another URL. and did not provide us the URL to find our result! 🙁
Thanks to one of the runner who posted the URL on his comment to the thread 🙂


And here is my humble result, was so stress seeing so little people behind me (I do not want to be the last!), I was the last 100 runner, but there were only less than 500 female runners, so I will still give myself a pat for not giving up :X

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  1. Thank you for sharing this part of your life! You are so much braver than me–I would never have the courage to join a run like this. But then I am in terrible shape!
    I have never seen anyone run with a tire tied to himself before…very interesting. I love the teddy bear signs. 😀 I think that the American Cancer Society should have a bear too, or at least something cuter than their logo on everything. Maybe an alligator?

    Christie aka Aurelas
    Gain Exposure for your Blog #3

  2. Hi Aurelas, Haha! You caught me with your alligator mascot for American Cancer Society idea! 😛 You can do it too! My running speed is very slow but slow progress is still progress right? 🙂

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks for sharing your race experience. I dun think its important how fast we are. Some wise chap once said "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." I was also running the 15K and I think I saw you during the run (your Brooks RunHappy tees too distinctive!) Good job and carry on running! Will you be running SCMS this yr?

  4. Hi Paul, the Men's M-size tee is a bit too big for me so I thought I should motivated myself to "Run Happy" for this 15km 🙂
    Don't think I will be running SCMS this year as I might not be in Singapore then, but I guess I will continue challenge myself for longer distance in future 🙂
    Guess you will be joining SCMS? Which distance are you signing up?

  5. Congratulations on finishing the race! Thanks for supporting cancer research and those who have dealt with its horrible effects. Wishing you all the best on your participation in future races. Carol Ferrier aka myartistry
    Gain Exposure for your Blog #3

  6. Thanks Ferrier for the encouragement! I will try my best in future races. 🙂

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