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Dinner at PappaRich

After a heavy lunch at The Wine Company, decided to meet G for dinner at Star Vista.

PappaRich @ Star Vista

First get to know the place when my ex-project manager whom lived in the West side mentioned to me… Somehow I still prefer Old Town Cafe over them but G seems to pretty like their food.

Since I had a heavy lunch, I decided to eat “something light”, but since I was moody then, I ordered “happy food” for myself.

Coffee Cham Milo (Iced) @ SGD$3.80


Hainan Toasted Bread with Condensed Milk @ SGD$3.20

The toast taste nice, except I would have prefer it with more condensed milk and less oil.

Steamed Home Made Otak-Otah @ SGD$4.90

The otah is a bit disappointing to me, I cannot taste a single bit of fish within it, maybe my expectation have gone too high with the high price for it? =)

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