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The Manhattan FISH MARKET: Re-opens at ‘The Dining Edition’ at Marina Square

After months of renovations in Marina Square, The Manhattan FISH MARKET had finally returned to the mall! The Manhattan FISH MARKET had re-open its outlet at ‘The Dining Edition’ space with a totally brand new look and feel. Don’t you LOVE this new warm and cozy décor.


Don’t you agree the environment play a important part in your dining experience?


Funny quote posters are on the wall to bring you a smile while waiting for your food 🙂

I was invited to the celebration of re-opening of The Manhattan FISH MARKET at ‘The Dining Edition’ at Marina Square.

Is it time to go in already?


Now, time to envy my dining experience~ (Oh no! How can I ever start on my diet plan with so much good food around in Singapore?!)

My order: Gummy Bear – Like the sweet taste of the Curacao and tropical fruit mix *sweetness overdose*
Sis‘s order: Citrus Mint – The signature drink has the refreshing taste of freshly squeezed lemons and mints. But if you are not a mint person you might not like it as much as sis.

Front: Gummy Bear (SGD$5.50), Behind: Citrus Mint (SGD$5.50)

Shaun‘s order: Sweet Alabama – This indulging treat of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream, swirled with peanut butter ends up in my stomach because it’s too peanuty for him… But peanut butter lovers (like me!) will love this~

Front: Sweet Alabama (SGD$6.50), Behind: Chocolate Milkshake (SGD$6.50)

Our Starter: Garlic Herb Mussels – I am not a fan of mussels (although this is actually pretty fresh and delighting to eat), but I am more in love with the signature Garlic Herb sauce + the baguette. 😛
我们的开胃菜:大蒜香草贻贝 – 虽然个人不太喜好贝类食品,但曼哈顿鱼市场相当新鲜可口。不过,面包配著名大蒜香草酱更吸引我。

Garlic Herb Mussels (SGD$7.95)

Main dish #1: Spicy Baked Fish – I like to eat dory fish personally, especially enjoyed this baked dory fillet in extra spicy marination complemented with Garlic Herb rice and vegetables. 🙂
主菜#1:香辣烤鱼 – 我个人喜欢吃海鲂鱼,特别喜欢这个辣腌制的烤鲂鱼片,配上大蒜香草米饭和蔬菜。 🙂

Spicy Baked Fish (SGD$15.95)

Main dish #2: Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter – This platter serves up generous portions of hand-battered fish fillets, oysters, calamari and the Manhattan Flaming Prawns. Love the moment when the staff flamed the prawns just beside us~!
主菜#2:曼哈顿火焰海鲜拼盘 – 点一道菜就可以品尝鱼片,牡蛎,鱿鱼和曼哈顿火焰虾。服务生会在我们身边展示火烧曼哈顿火焰虾~好酷!


Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter (standalone price at SGD$37.95)

Remember that seafood platter’s best companion is the Manhattan FISH MARKET dripping sauce? (In case you forgot, refer to my previous post!) Although there are “recommended” sauce to go along with each platter, it’s all up to your personal preference, what’s yours?

From left to right: Smoky Chipotle Sauce, Cajun Honey Mustard, Spicy Seafood Dip


Bloggers in action: Let’s SHOOT down the sauces~

Main dish #3 & #4: We are big eaters~
Scallops Fish Chicken (SFC) – Find it weird that The Manhattan FISH MARKET served chicken? Fear not, the standard is as good. The chicken is nicely grilled and it’s juicy and not dry at all 🙂 Glad William had ordered this dish.

Manhattan Flaming PrawnsHP decided that he need more flames in his life and tada~

Scallops Fish Chicken (SFC)  – 曼哈顿鱼市场不是应该一海鲜为主吗?不用担心!如果你是“好鸡之人”,一定得点这道菜,烤得适中多汁的鸡块,好吃到吮手指!

曼哈顿火焰虾 – HP 那么希望他的人生有更多的火焰吗?

Scallops Fish Chicken (SFC) (SGD$17.95)


Manhattan Flaming Prawns (SGD$19.95)

Dessert: Sizzling Brownie with Ice-cream – This is supposed to be good for sharing, but I think I can finished it easy, maybe with a second helping! 😛 LOVE this warm sizzling brownie, topped with smooth vanilla ice-cream in sweet caramel sauce and nuts. YUMMY~ I can have two of them as my main dish! (opps, if G saw this he will complaint me again for wanting to get dessert as my main dish T__T)

甜品:铁板冰淇淋布朗尼 – 爱吃甜品的我,好想一个人把他“干掉”!热腾腾的布朗尼,配上甜美的焦糖酱和坚果光滑香草冰淇淋。 好想吃多一点〜!

Sizzling Brownie with Ice-cream (SGD$9.90)


Photo time with Valentine in celebration for us being the fish-eating “seaGirls” (we are dressed in “sea colors”)

For more updates on the new branches opening, new menu items, Like the Manhattan FISH MARKET’s Facebook at www.facebook.com/MFMSingapore.

In Singapore, The Manhattan FISH MARKET restaurants are located at the following locations:

  • Bedok Point
    795 New Changi Road, Bedok Point, #03-05/06/07/40, Singapore 467350
  • Bugis+
    201 Victoria Street, #04-07 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
  • Causeway Point
    1 Woodlands Square Causeway Point #02-34/K1 Singapore 738099
  • Century Square
    2 Tampines Central 5#01-37, Century Square Singapore 529509
  • City Square
    180 Kitchener Road, #04-12/13, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539
  • Changi City Point
    5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-39/40 Changi City Point, Singapore 486038
  • Hougang Mall (Opening in 2013)
  • JCube
    2 Jurong East Central 1 # 04-10 / 21 JCUBE, Singapore 609731
  • Junction 8
    9 Bishan Place, Junction 8 Shopping Centre #01-22/30, Singapore 579837 (*currently under renovation)
  • North Point
    Yishun Avenue 2, North Point #02-06/07 Singapore 769098
  • Plaza Singapura
    68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura #06-07, Singapore 238839
  • Star Vista
    1 Vista Exchange Green #B1-10 The Star Vista Singapore 138617
  • SUNTEC City
    3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-134 Suntec City Mall Singapore 039083 (*Opening 3rd half of 2013)
  • United Square
    101 Thomson Road, #B1-32/33 United Square, Singapore 307591
  • White Sands
    1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, White Sands Shopping Centre, #01-18/19, Singapore 518457
  • Marina Square
    6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #02-182 Singapore 039594

Photo credit:
The Manhattan FISH MARKET
CK Chai

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