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Goodie bags day~

It’s mid November! Another 1.5 months it will be 2013, time flies!

Yesterday meet up with G to have lunch before we go to collect the race pack for Brooks Run Happy race pack…

Happen that there is this Converse Connectivity event at the Bugis Junction, Bugis Square, so we join in the fun~ There is this live band going on, and singer have a great voice and she actually posed for passerby like me to take photos 🙂

On this special day, all we need to do is to take a photo at the event area and we get to sign up as VIP for free, usually we need to make purchase of SGD$300 in order to be a member… Somehow I don’t know why I signed up but the lady gave G the goodies bag and etc…

With the Connectivity sticker on you, you are entitled a 15% discount on the shoe purchase for the day at Bugis branch, I am so tempted to get the Chuck Taylor Major Mills Boots, but give up after some struggling for knowing the fact that I will not have much chances to wear them. T____T It’s really a very cool pair of boots, you know?

After that we went to collect the Brooks Run Happy race pack, being an experience race pack collector, I knew enough that if I cannot be the ‘early bird’, I will just be the ‘off peak hour bird’ to get the race pack, being “kiasu” (Hokkien dialect word that means ‘fear of losing’) is only a waste of time and patience….


The pack pack is a bit “compact”, just a few voucher and a running tee and two packs of Kiehl’s sample…


This is the Brooks Run Happy route… seems to be a bit ‘narrow’ since there will be no road closure that day

Noticed that the the cut-off time to start the race is 30 minutes after flag-off, and the final cut-off time is 2 hours… this means I need to start off early as my usual 10km takes around 1hr 30minutes (It’s a bit too slow but don’t laugh at me, at least I tried!)… Hmmm… good luck in my run that day 😀

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