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Take a look into Facebook today and half of the posting are on PSI (Pollutant Standards Index). In short, PSI is the quality of air and is reported as a number on a scale of 0 to 500, once it reached 101, it’s consider  unhealthy for most to be outdoor. And guess what? Today, at 2pm, it hit 100! Today, at 3.14pm, it hit 105! [Updated] PSI have reached a high 151 as of 9pm! [Updated again]

Thanks to social media, NEA is updating the status of PSI quite frequently imho this round

Poor NEA website is now under “attack” by the high traffic.

NEA website on protest: Stop asking us the same question, we can’t do anything to clean Singapore air~

The haze is caused by the slash and burn techniques adopted by farmers in Indonesia, this round – Sumatra.Slash and burn has been extensively used for many years as the cheapest and easiest means to clear the lands for traditional agriculture. Apparently it started around 1997 according to wikipedia, and since then the haze period becomes an “annual event” in Singapore.

Funny to hear people complaining NEA for not acting on this issue. @_@ it’s quite amusing to know there are people who think NEA can solve every problem that is concerning from Earth to Water to Air..

Anyway, let’s all drink more water and try not to linger outdoor unnecessarily. Stay healthy and be happy people. 🙂

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