OMG!!! PSI is 290?

[Updated on 11:11pm] Latest NEA PSI reading is now 321.
It is consider to be hazardous level.

Will all get to have off day tomorrow if the reading maintain (or increase)? Will there be other risk and implication caused by this round of pollution crisis? 🙁
I am not sure if the vision of those driving the public transport or travel by car are affected by this, hope all can be patient and careful.

[Blogged on 9:55pm]
I cannot believe my eyes when I saw the PSI reading of 290.
I look out into the window, after getting used of the blur vision in my house since late afternoon, assume that this reading is just a typo.
Subsequently, everyone start posting on facebook, “PSI level reached 290!”.
Take a look into NEA website – PSI reading 290.
Confirm again on NEA twiiter (in case the haze blurred my vision too much) – PSI reading 290.

PSI is 290!

OMG! The PSI reading is really 290? A big jump of 100 from previous hour? I can hardly breathe properly already when the reading is 160, and need a mask to be able to breathe better.

Guess what? At night, G (who probably fall sick due to the haze and was offered 2 days mc) told me he is unable to find mask from his area; just a while ago, sis also told me Tampines seems to run out of mask too…

Somehow this makes me ponder, while we are laughing at others for being too paranoid (those who start getting mask on the first 2 days of the haze craze), are we taking things too lightly? If we had not been taking “clean air” for granted all these while, would all of us be as panic now due to the lack of mask supply from market? What can we do better next time to handle such situation (note I did not use the word “fix” or “solve” as it may not be realistic)?

What is your view on this?

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  1. I was being optimistic, thinking that, hoping that, it will last for two days and with rain, everything will be back to normal soon. Now I am hoping that it will rain soon, at least we can take a breather for a while. The first two days was still tolerable for me, but yesterday was really bad. My nose and throat hurts while breathing

    And the visibility is getting worse. The skyscrapers in town are "disappearing". Being on the road is not safe too. Drivers have to be even more careful.

  2. I have the same mentality as you actually. Because these few years the haze will be gone in around a week and seldom hit over 150 I think. Now all of us need to do the Patapon dance and pray 4 the rain :X

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