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It’s Lo Hei time again!

It’s time for lo hei (捞起) again!

According to National Heritage Board:

Lo hei 捞起 (Cantonese for ‘tossing up’) refers to the communal tossing of yusheng 鱼生, a dish comprising fish slices, vegetables, spices and condiments. Traditionally, the practice was commonly observed on Renri 人日, the seventh day of the first lunar month. Today, people can enjoy yusheng throughout the entire Chinese New Year period.

This year Lunar New Year is early, falling on 22 Jan 2023. I heard some restaurants offered yusheng as soon as after Christmas day! It’s good news for me since I love eating yusheng. I even met up with the girls on the 3rd of January to have my first yusheng of the year.

As usual, we ordered individual Yusheng, but it’s a ‘quiet’ one since we don’t remember the auspicious well wishes to say!

Happened to come across the below guide in one of the newsletters sent by the Metta Welfare Association, so I decided to post it here for my future reference. 🙂

Image credit: Metta Welfare Association

Happy Lunar New Year to all in advance!

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