Rainy Auckland

(Day 1) I was deeply amused when the custom officer announced that “There is nothing challenging today!”, and at the same time, very, very relief. Everyone has been warning me against bringing any food product into the country, so I only brought the minimum as I half expect that they might be confiscated and threw again. (To be frank, coward CF did struggled in her heart if she should throw them away before the custom check.)
Lucky me.
Maybe not that lucky as it starts raining when I step out of the flight?
It’s raining, but the sky is still beautiful… no no, I did not take Air New Zealand this round
I thought J told me the weather is getting warmer?! Lol. End up I realized it started to turn rainy only on the day I reached Auckland and weather turns cold =.=”
J and family are very kind to take me in and they have a nice house 🙂
After putting down my luggage and everything, time for lunch~ (Omg! Food again!)
Had dim sum for lunch, taste … Of course cannot compare to Singapore…


(This reminds me, I yet to try the tiam ho wan in Singapore, I miss the one in Hong Kong T__T) but it’s much better than my expectation :p
Dinner time… Although J and A packed the food back, they are nice Chinese food ~~ 🙂

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