Phase 2HA Day 14

2021-05-29 – Saturday

Saturday! So happy it is another weekend again! Wanted to sleep more but I need to go out of the house by noon.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Taiwan Braised Meat rice with pork chop
    Regret that we didn’t order individually as I am not satisfied after lunch. We skipped breakfast so Kpo Kia was pretty hungry by brunch time. I gave her more than 60% of our rice, ended up…. I feel hungry quite early.

  • Dinner: Chicken rice
    This time round I order my own individual pack of rice. Initially wanted to get something from Isetan Orchard since there’s quality Japanese food there. But it was too early for dinner and the price is a bit steep, so I only got a cake for Kpo Kia and went home to rest before ordering dinner.

Happy to go out of the house, but at the same time feel paranoid and insecure too. I tried not to touch any part of the train/train station unnecessarily, to minimise the risk of contacting COVID-19 virus.

I was nearly rejected from my trial treatment because I had gone to the Airport in early May. Sigh. I will definitely lunch in or buy lunch in the morning next time when we need to return to the office. The Japanese therapist made my day. She is attentive and observant (spotted Kpo Kia photo and knows I have a daughter). She is also very friendly and purposely goes to the door waved bye to me when I was leaving. Unfortunately, I didn’t get her name, would love to befriend her if I ever have the chance.

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