CB Day 15: Time flies…. working day again

Today is a depressing Tuesday.

Today schedule is:

  • 8:29am: Time to start work! Hopped up from bed and check emails…. a few things to clear before my exit clearance
  • 10:30am: Finally can steal 10mins break for breakfast… and back to work…
  • 12:30pm: Kpo Kia papa decided to go out to buy our takeaway lunch, as every meal of $3-4 delivery fee is a bit too steep, and not sustainable… a week of delivery fee is good enough for us to have another 2-3 meals @_@. Since he is going out, request he help to redeem my Mr Bean Singapore 3-in-1 riceball voucher bought through Qoo10, and KOI honey milk tea bubble tea. Sensing I might not have much chance to drink bubble tea before my last day, I also want to add on pearl.
  • 1:55pm: Heavy rain after a morning of hot sun. Lunch is finally back home, Kpo Kia and I shared a pack of chicken rice, no worries about hungry stomach since I have my riceball waiting for me.
  • 4:05pm: News of people chionging to queue at NTUC and our dear Ah Gong giving us speech at 5pm came in together. I was like ‘Alamak! What will be shared again sia?’, but sitll hopeful is another 讲了等于没讲speech, or even to confirm that the CB will ends on ‘May the 4th be with you’ day…
  • 5pm: Kpo Kia finally saw the Ah Gong we have been talking on my monitor! She was so excited to see him drink water =.=” but alas, Ah Gong shared some bad news with us, that CB will be extended till 1st Jun 2020. OMG! I only meant to log down 28 days of CB, now I need to log down 2 months of CB! Cry die me! This means for the next 1.5 months, I will be facing Kpo Kia papa and Kpo Kia daily, and since each household only allow 1 pax to go out to get essential on an alternate day, I highly suspect I will ended up as the one looking after Kpo Kia, since it’s more practical for Kpo Kia papa to drive and fetch back one week of essential grocery weekly.
  • 6:30pm: Kpo Kia papa asked me to clear the vegetables that are turning yellow in the fridge, so I quickly anyhow cook for them… after some chatting with folks earlier on WhatsApp after the speech, I come to peace with myself that we shall just accept the fact that Kpo Kia will have unlimited contact with the undesired screentime and preserve/can food during CB period thanks to lack of resources.
  • 7:30pm: Dinner is ready, only cook few stalks of 菜心, seaweed chicken, and sunny side up eggs.
  • 8:30pm: Record breaking, we finished our dinner before 9pm! And she finished the food! ^__^

I never know I am such an obedient Singaporean till COVID-19 appear. Ah Gong says don’t hoard on masks, we 乖乖didn’t chiong for it; Ah Gong says don’t queue for supermarket, we 乖乖 stay at home daily wait for a delivery slot to miracle-ly appears for me; Ah Gong say mask on and keep social distance, we 乖乖 stay home and go out only once (or max twice) a week with masks on to get essential, we even split our way to speed up the process so we DO NOT NEED TO STAY AT ONE PLACE for too long…. but now Ah Gong says we no longer can go out beyond bringing myself, I think Kpo Kia will go crazy after 2 months… she already ask me to ‘send her to hospital as no one play with her’ @_@ Today news… really make my heart sink into the deep dark ocean…. I feel so uncertain about the future that lies ahead of me,

#Random thoughts: From tomorrow onwards, we no longer have confectionery/bubble tea listed under essential services, probably this is a means to prevent us from getting obese during CB period, and prevent healthcare staff from the need to handle health problem caused by obesity after COVID-19 goes off. But hor… it means, we are deprived of our happy food leh… our mental health not important meh? Especially we need to face our spouse and kids and elderly (some of them stay with their in-laws/parents) almost 24×7, emotional care is equally important! J/K!

Hope there won’t be a spike today because a lot of people are given only less than 12 hours to react (from 5:30pm to 11:59pm) – non-essential services providers like saloon and bubble tea stores need to stop operating by 22th Apr 2020 midnight. Soon I can share selfie of me grooming a nest of birds as pet at home while waiting for CB to be over.

Today figure: 1,111 new cases

For more information:

  • lists of essential services, you can find them on GoBusiness Website.
  • Entry restriction for 4 markets (potentially will expand to other wet markets and supermarkets)
  • Enhanced support for households

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