CB Day 54: Last CB Saturday

Today is 30-May-2020.

Today schedule is:

  • 11:30am: Slept before 3am ‘last night’, initially wanted to wake up early, despite waking up few times on and off from 8am, I only managed to drag myself up around 11am. ‘Breakfast’ is a cup of old town coffee and 3 pieces of chocolate eclair.
  • 2:40pm: Kpo Kia papa went out to buy our lunch, but didn’t come back with eggs! We are facing an egg deprived situation! 😛 Lunch is Qiji Lasi Lemak with popiah.
  • After lunch, watched some video and play games and rot. Not doing anything constructive again. Am I going to rot my life like that?
  • 7:30pm: Finally finished cooking dinner! First time attempted cooking curry… spicyyyyy. Make do with whatever we have on hand – potato, chicken breast and coconut milk, since this is my first attempt, I only attempt half the curry paste. Not that bad, but still, spicyyyyy. Separately cook semi-hard boil egg, teriyaki chicken and french bean with minced meat for Kpo Kia so she have other choice of food. Ended up, she only eat the hard boil egg and took a long longggggggg time to finish her teriyaki chicken

Some TODOs after CB:

  • Take on a course
  • Start my job search
  • こんまりmy room
  • こんまりher room
  • Learn more recipe

Oh yah, was researching information on silicon vs aluminum, and I finally found the reason why my milo lava cake keeps failing! That is because silicon is not a very good conductor of heat, so when I’m using silicone cup mold and follows the heating temperature and timing of the original recipes which are using other containers, it fails! OMG, Now I know why! Silly me!

Today figure: 506 new cases

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