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Karen Mok Fan Meet Session 莫文蔚歌友会

Guess where did I went this evening?

Sis won two tickets to Karen Mok fan meet session. This is one of her promotion activities on her latest English album – Somewhere I Belong. Of course lucky me get to go with her.

Overall enjoy the session.

What happen during the session?

  1. 古筝(Chinese Zither) performance – by Debra
  2. Sharing session – by Karen
  3. Talent show – by Karen’s fans
  4. Group photo taking sessions with Karen (My favourite)


During the sharing session, Karen shared with us a bit of her background, and what what motivates her to come up with the album. Of course she also share some of the process during her recording. If you look carefully, her dresses are also specially design to match the theme of album – showing signs of East meet West.

Love the cheeky look on Karen’s face!

During the Talent show, 4 “contestants” are required to present their talent to Karen so she can choose the one who impressed her most… however, all four end up to be the winners as they impressed her equally 🙂 Guess for general public, just having the courage to stand up on stage and perform is already an impression act.

Contestant #1: Guitar and singing Karen’s song


Contestant #4: The amazing lady actually whistle the whole song!

Was actually expecting Karen to perform perhaps one or two of her new songs, but she didn’t! T__T It’s pure “Fan Meet Session”. But glad that almost all of us have the opportunity to take photos with her. We need to split into many groups and there are so many cameras thus we don’t really know which to focus… She was very patient with a smile through the photo taking session, although I am not really a fan of her, I melt when she smile and shake hand with me (ok, ok, I admit I am the one who force through the staff-made barrier and offer her my hand).

Group Photo time!
Photo credit: Universal Music Singapore Regional


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