Possible Solution to Singapore Housing Problem

Singaporeans have been labelled as ‘unhappy’ batch of people – S’poreans not only emotionless but unhappy as well. One of the cause of their agony is the housing problem…

Was surfing a famous New Zealand site and come across their property section. They actually have this type of ‘relocatable cabin’:

Relocatable cabin – we need this in Singapore~!

If I am not wrong, it is supposed to be a ‘mobile bedroom’ which models like the ‘mobile toilet’ in our events venue. You can rent the bedroom for a few weeks from the company, and they will deliver the room to where ever you need it to be. This certainly helps you solve a problem when you have a guest on board but all the room in your house are occupied!

I personally like this idea. If we can apply something like this in Singapore, we will not worry when we have new family members and we are running out of space. It also allows you to stay close to your loves one while maintaining a minimum level of privacy (no need to share room).

G comment that it looks like a dog house to him thought. T____T

The only problem… if Singapore HDB flats don’t even enough space for the people to put flower pots/etc outside along the corridor, so where can we put these cabin? Perhaps we can attached it on the wall outside the flat? What’s your take 😛

[Updated] After posting this post, I realised Japan also have similar concept, but instead of an ‘attachment’ which is like the relocatable cabin – which need to go to another place for shower/toilet, the T2 units is more self-sufficient. Each unit comes with a bed, a toilet, a shower, a sink, a kitchenette (with a fridge, a microwave, and a portable stove, etc.), a TV, and air conditioning. Each is priced at the equivalent of US$29,000 (around SGD$36,000) – Ouch! It’s actually very convenient for singles like me, and compared to a studio HDB (one room flat) in Singapore – which priced at around SGD$88,000 – $95,000, much cheaper. Just that there are things which I am not sure. When one want to relocate to another state or city, how do they engage a home mover? And more importantly to me, how does the toilet system work?

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