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& Juliet, the international hit musical having it’s Asian premiere in Singapore

When we attended the Gala Night of the & Juliet musical, little did we know that we were in for an unforgettable evening. & Juliet, produced by Michael Cassel Group in association with MTM/Leyline and presented by Base Entertainment Asia, takes a bold approach on stage. It masterfully reimagines the timeless Romeo & Juliet tale, taking us on a journey that challenges convention and offers Juliet a second chance at life and love on her own terms.

We found ourselves immersed in a world where the two familiar characters took on new roles, and the narrative was beautifully flipped. The scriptwriter’s ingenuity opened our minds to the tantalizing question: What if Juliet hadn’t taken her own life for Romeo, and instead, embraced a fresh start?

One of the most striking aspects of the show was its celebration of ‘girl power.’ Throughout the performance, we were reminded that women need not conform to society’s expectations. Juliet’s character evolved from the doubtful female to a lady full of confident who master the courage to go against what she was expected, inspired me. There’s also mentioned about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) topic which can be quite bold, but in line with it’s “not conform to society’s expectations” message.

It wasn’t just the powerful message that left an impression on us. The show was also accompanied with an addictive playlist of pop anthems that had us tapping our feet and singing along. From the energetic beats of “Since U Been Gone” to the empowering lyrics of “Roar” and the nostalgic charm of “Baby One More Time,” each song added layers of emotion to the performance. Hits like “Larger Than Life,” “That’s The Way It Is,” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling” also took us back to our own eras, evoking cherished memories and bringing smiles to our faces.

It’s worth noting that & Juliet has chosen Singapore as its exclusive Asian stop for its premiere run, making this a rare and special opportunity for local audiences. The show will continue to grace the stage at Marina Bay Sands until October 15th, 2023.

If you’re eager to experience this magical production for yourself, don’t miss the chance to purchase your tickets at a generous 20% discount. Secure your seats now by visiting: https://ticket.marinabaysands.com/mbs/booking/julietmusical1023?promocode=julietmusical1023EN.

In summary, our night at & Juliet was an enchanting blend of thought-provoking storytelling, a celebration of female empowerment, and an exhilarating journey through a timeless playlist of pop classics. Make sure to catch this sensational show while it’s in town, and let it transport you to a world where love, music, and empowerment reign supreme.

& Juliet Musical 
Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands Level B1
Website: https://andjulietsg.com/
Show dates: Till 15 Oct 2023

Note that “& Juliet” is rated Advisory 16 with some mature content. The musical will not be restricted to those aged 16 and above, and those aged 4 and above with tickets can be admitted to the theatre. All children below 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when no admission for children aged 3 and below is allowed.
Photo Credits: Base Entertainment Asia

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