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Movie Time: Back to 1942

Got to watch “Back to 1942” for free thanks to U Weekly.
Initially I participate in the lucky draw with the mentality of just trying out my lucky, not even knowing the plot of the movie, so I was quite surprised when I got the tickets and thought I will fell asleep in the cool vivo cinema for 2.5hours on a Tuesday night.

End up the show is not as boring as what I thought although it is on the history of China. It did try to include some funny scene as and when. Just saddened me a bit on the irony of certain part of the show, and how hunger makes one lost their pride, and how human “fought” in their own way to survive. Although it looks silly and funny but I feel a bit touched to see how a mother go all the way to scarified in any way to make sure her kids are taken care of.

Something to brighten up this blog entry:

On my way to watch the movie.
The sky is beautiful these days.

Out of topic… this is taken at the HDB area near East Point (Simei), it’s been there for quite some time. Hope the flasher will get caught real soon. Beware when you are out at Simei.

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