Happy Time: 12.12.12

12.12.12 Sounds like want to, want to, want to… what do you want to do or achieve in life?

I wish to appreciate and feel contented more on what I already have.

Today is my gathering with my first job colleagues, gosh, time flies and we know each other for so many years already!

Avelyn’s order 😀


My order


Why did James look so stunned?


Camera shy James hiding under the table…


Like mother like son… look at their pose


The kids started to make faces when the adults tease them


Group Photos!

Remember we always like to write this phase in our autography books(For the benefits of the new generations, exchanging autograph book is a common practice in my generation. Autograph book is meant for friends collecting the autographs of others, usually fill with drawing and personal messages or other mementos.) – “Make new friends but keep the old”… we are definitely growing older, and still keeping contact with each other 😛

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