Phase 2HA Day 05

2021-05-20 – Thursday

I got my second dose of vaccination today! To read about my experience today, you can check out my other post: I am Protected (against Covid-19)!~

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Crave Nasi Lemak Royale and coffee for teabreak.
    It’s very filling but … it’s the cheapest set I can get from the store. Thanks, ShopBack for the $5.50 deal~
  • Dinner: I cooked salted egg prawns, nuggets, and broccoli with carrots.
    I finally got to attempt the salted egg prawn, but I think I mixed too much curry leave into the paste and Kpo Kia doesn’t really like it. Plus the prawn is not marinated properly prior to cooking so it tasted a bit bland and too soft.

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