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Hello 2022

My progress in 2021

2021 just passed by without me knowing what happened… as usual, let me first review my 2021 progress vs my 2021 resolutions:

  • Managed to sign Kpo Kia up for a Chinese class, next is to sign her up for Swimming, and probably one more class?
    – We managed to sign Kpo Kia up for swimming too! Unfortunately, both her Chinese and Swimming classes cannot be continued due to the tightened COVID-19 measures. She is currently taking more academy – English and Mathematics classes though.
  • Complete my Business Analytics course with minimal hiccups, I have enough drama in class.
    – I passed and graduated! Although I didn’t complete my internship, I managed to get the Diploma. Not sure if it’s my luck, I always landed in companies without any actual project in both my Diploma internships.
  • Complete my setup for my bullet journal at least one week in advance. This time I have included a monthly weight tracker and daily sleep tracker. Let’s see how it works.
    – Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to persist, in fact, I failed badly. In the year 2022, I decided I shall keep my bujo layout to the bare minimum. Hopefully, it is more achievable.
  • Self care is a definitely important this year. My eczema have made a return, and this time it even attacked my hands. Need to
      • slim down
      • slow down the growth of age spots
      • eat less oily/sweet/saltish food

    – Unfortunately again, I gained a lot of weight instead! And it’s no surprise my condition got worse. This round, I will make more specific target, S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based) rule, CF, be SMART!

  • Increase my saving. Learn more about investment. And get a stable income.
    – Managed to get a full-time job and earn some pocket money through random hearsay investment tips. 
  • Be more patient and more generous in time and money to my loved ones
    – I think I am still very lacking in spending time with my loved ones. Sigh. Need to re-prioritise my time.
  • Minimised backlogs. Clear as much stuff out of my small brain as soon as possible.
    – OMG, I failed badly at this, hopefully, I can improve with the improvised bujo tracker in 2022? Reminder to myself, I shall keep things in small block so I can achieve them instead of having endless think-only-no-action backlogs.
  • Backup my phone monthly to minimise any possible damage.
    – I would say I learned my lesson better this year. I did do more backup frequently, partially because I keep running out of space on my phone, LOL! I think I need to set a routine even for backing up my phone. It’s not something that uncommon, but yah, if you know me well enough…

My thoughts for 2021

As for my 2021. It’s an interesting year, I achieved so much and yet achieved nothing:

  • One of my photos was shortlisted for SG Scenery 2020 exhibition. It is a project that responds to the Covid-19 experience, showcasing photos of the view from Singapore homes.
  • One of my photos was selected for the Marina Bay Sand Singapore 2022 calendar! I was surprised as it isn’t the nicest photo I can find on the same theme. But alas, based on SY’s theory, it’s 1 month of fame for me~
  • Physical events finally resume!! I am so happy and honor to be invited to events again. Meeting up the fellow content creators makes me feel more alive and socially active! LOL!
  • We completed 50hours of parent volunteer hours! This means we secured Kpo Kia’s Primary School slot for the school! I need to rant a bit, Singapore educational system is really flawed, all neighbourhood schools should allow those who stay nearby to be enrolled without being a parent volunteer!
  • I looked up a lot of recipes from Tik Tok and 小红书, and managed to cook more frequently. But while trying out these new recipes (which only I’ll be eating), I gained a lot of weight and waste a lot of food. I gained a sinful 7kg in one year, and aging makes it worse…
  • My eczema get from bad to worse, the infected area are expanding. I so wanted to bake (and burn more bread/cake), but I am worry about all the washing required for any baking activities.
  • While working on my current job, I realised I need to do programming and Power BI!? Unfortunately, I forgot both…. and I simply can’t pick them up again easily. What’s wrong here?
  • I created a lot of content this year~ But not sure if I’m too critical, I find my standard got worse. Is it time to step back and reflect?

My 2022 resolutions

For my 2022 resolution, I have decided to change them to number bullets, Hopefully this small change allows me to track what I have achieve when I do my reflection next year~

  1. Ensure Kpo Kia can keep up with her school work. Spare at least 15minutes with her to go through her school work every school day.
  2. Get Kpo Kia back on swimming lesson again by June 2022.
  3. Do a random activity with Kpo Kia at least once a month – be it baking, science experiment, or outdoor.
  4. Cut down on 0.5kg per month through lesser oily, process and sweet food. Hopefully, by end of year 2022 I can cut down by 6kgs… LOL…  In order to do this, I need to exercise for 15minutes at least once a week and probably eat my overnight oats or salad for lunch, at least once a week?
  5. Improve my cooking and planning on food allocation and purchasing. No more than 50% of the food should go into dustbin for one dish.
  6. Cut down on my expenses and increase my savings. I should read more financial management information.
  7. Improve in my technical skill (no matter how dread I feel) – Read up more and put them down as notes. Organised the reference materials.
  8. Be present. Cut down on screen time on the phone when I am with Kpo Kia. And hopefully, I can encourage Kpo Kia papa to do the same.
  9. Log down backlogs and braindump in my bullet journal. I need to spare 5 minutes to take a look at my bullet journal every day and set up the weekly layout at least one week in advance.
  10. Be consistent in doing my backup, catching up on backlogs and decluttering my assets. This need to be done on a weekly basis.

Shall keep the list short so it is more feasible.

Let me share my top 9 Instagram photos for 2021! I had posted 159 Insgtagram posts, and a lot of crappy Tik Kok videos, this year. Did I spend too much time on social media? How do I fully make use of my time so that my passion for content creation and lesser screentime goal can co-exist?

Last but not least, I think it will be useful to note the Singapore public holiday dates. This year, Kpo Kia will be in Primary school and we cannot plan holidays as “free spirit” like in the past.

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