Phase 2HA Day 01

2021-05-16 – Sunday

Today is supposed to be our staycation day, but it all changed since the government’s announcement on Friday. Due to the rising of COVID cases, we are going back to “tighten Phase 2”. This means


Her swimming class was on hold since the new “Phase 2 heighten alert” do not allow sports that required masked off to be “in a group of more than 2”.

At the same time, because our staycation will become “quarantine” if we decided to go ahead with it. We thus cancel the staycation since this will defeat the whole purpose of “our family trip”.

We ended up binge-watching videos and snacking at home.

In the morning, we slept till 10+am. We woke up and Kpo Kia papa decided to skip breakfast and have me prepare lunch instead. So we had ‘Sushi sandwich’ after my last-minute decision. And the poor dad and daughter duo had to wait almost 2 hours for the meal.

Since is our ‘simulated staycation’ at home, we decided to have something sinful for our dinner. We ordered pizza and wings for our dinner.

What an “exciting” way of spending our Sunday.

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