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Photo time: Photos of the day – 2012-10-10

ALthough I took formal photography lessons before, and go out for photography outings every now and then, my progess of improvement is consider slowest among my batch of peers. 🙁

Nevertheless, I love photography and this is one of the fewer interest that can keep me happy and focus at all time. I might not have the talent but I definitely have passion for it. 😀

This morning is a hazy morning, wake up feeling hot already… but it’s also the hazy that inspired me with some photos which I feel quite satisfied today.

Door gift given by EA during our last visit to her place.


I pretty like the long shadow created by natural lighting 😀


On my way to work….


This is taken exactly on the same spot as previous photo, just adjust the angle a bit.
I like the starburst effect 😀


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  1. You live in Singapore? I'd love to visit Singapore! It looks lovely there.

    -Zefaniya (swapbot follow me #7)

  2. I love the tree photos! You must have a lovely route to and from work. You may not be progressing as quickly as you'd like in photography, but you are certainly better than me! =0)

    I'm Sweettems on Swap-Bot and came by for the Follow Me #7 Swap. My blog:

  3. Keep your hopes up. Learning photography is hard. I'm also trying to learn it and like you, I just try to work on it during my free time.

  4. Amazing photos!! I also have passion for photographing but unfortunately I've never taken any lessons so I'm very poor at it(well it doesn't stop me from taking pics every given opportunity =D). I'm sure with enough determination you will be a great photographer one day! Keep the hard job up!
    -Jungpo follow me 7

  5. Hi Zefaniya,
    Yeah. I live in Singapore. 😀
    Do drop by to visit when you have the time~

  6. I also have a passion for photography although not very good at it. Just keep practicing. At least that is what I do. I think your photos look good.

    ~j3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

  7. I love the tree pictures. Interesting to see it at two different times of day.
    Also interesting to contemplate how similar our life experiences are, in some ways, no matter where we live in the world. That street scene could be local to me here…

  8. Thanks Susi. 😀

  9. Thanks Anna for the encouragement. I love your work~ Hope one day I can sew something by myself too 🙂

  10. Thanks Katrina! I will continue learning no matter how slow I go. 😀

  11. Thanks Jenny! A lot of my friends did not took any lesson and they are progressing well, I believe you can do it too! Hope our skills improve everyday 😀

  12. Thanks Jessica for the encouragement! I will continue to practice and strive to improvement 😛

  13. Hi Janel, perhaps you can share a photo of your street scene with me? I would love to see the street scene of all over the world. 😀

  14. Your photos are beautiful! Don't ever stop.

  15. Thanks Georgia for the encouragement!

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