Travel Time: Taiwan Tour Day 9 – 2012-10-21

It’s the last day of the tour… it seems so long and yet so short…
Long is because I longed to come back to Singapore to sleep on my bed in the messy room, snore out loud when I sleep, and throw the toilet paper back into the toilet bowl without worry that I will clogged the toilet bowl…
Short is because… total up the number of hours I slept, I thought that only 3-4 days has passed… keke… time is always not enough for us, constantly running out when we on the road chasing after the next destination.

Got a short 35minutes time out before check out, I ran roaming around and decide to go to the temple which I had wished to take photos, but didn’t because I do not wish to waste time of the others. Realised that the temple will be going through some changes, 4 of the statues will be removed (or rather, ‘combine’ with other statues) in an effort to reduce air pollution due to the joss stick, I am lucky to be able to view all the statues in the temple before the changes happened.










This statues will be removed/’combined’ after late oct 2012 🙁

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