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Happy 6th Birthday~ My little princess

Dear Little Princess,

Happy Birthday! We started your Birthday celebration on your birthday eve since daddy needs to rush work and is unable to accompany you on your actual birthday. Although you are just a 1.5 days Queen (according to daddy) this year, you are forever a Princess to us~!

This year, you had 3 Birthday celebrations: one with your paternal grandparents; one with Daddy and Mummy; and one with maternal grandparents.

The first round of celebration

The weekend before your Birthday, you received a BIG dollhouse as promised by your paternal grandparents. It’s a simple celebration, definitely will be better if your 姑姑 family can join in the fun.

Happy Girl~!
Unwrapping the giant Dollhouse present.

The second round of celebration

On your birthday eve, we had another celebration at Kiztopia Punggol. Daddy bought a package that includes a free set of Halloween costumes, and you chose yourself a Little Red Riding Hood costume. I was worried that this outlet is too small for you, as compared to the Marina Square outlet you had previously visited. Ended up most of the time you stayed in the Market/Kitchen area, and the “Sand beads” area.

Quite surprised she love this Market/Kitchen area and hung around for quite some time.
Obstacle play!
Enjoying her “sand bead” area (seriously I have no idea what is this section called).
Our little firefighter.
Busy fire fighting.
Choosing her free costume.

We then proceed to Swensen for our Dinner. Unfortunately, we have to split tables thanks to government Covid-19 measures, AGAIN.

Split table again… zzzz
Since she is not sharing with me, means I can enjoy my ‘unhealthier choice’ food.

After dinner, we bought a small slice of cake so we can sing the birthday song for you; but you cried, saying you don’t want to grow up. Guess you were too tired after staying out for the whole afternoon or is it really due to the unknown laying ahead? We have been reminding you that life will be different once you stepped into Primary school and it probably introduces some anticipation and fear to you.

Emo girl… claiming she doesn’t want to grow up….
Her tooth dropped just before her sleeping time 🙂 Did her wabbly tooth also contribute to her emo-ness earlier?

The third round of celebration

On your actual birthday, we had Japanese food for lunch, followed by Library for some quiet time since you love books. You nearly refused to leave the library till it’s almost time to go to your maternal grandparents’ house. You had not been visiting them since Stabilisation Phase, so you were happy to drop by their house, taking public transport.

She insisted on I took this photo to show that she is now taller than the standee girl.
My lunch…. half of them eaten up by her…
She chose the kid’s meal, but she don’t like to eat the udon and pumpkin patty. =.=” I had to help her finish half of her meal…
Hiding her face when I asked her to take a photo, conscious of her fallen tooth?
Took it at Library but she was too busy reading books, not interested to photos taking.
Tired girl on the way to grandparents’ house.

We had a KFC feast and a small cake to end off your third round of birthday celebrations.

Pampered with love from maternal grandparents

Hope you had a great time! Next year, stepping into Primary School will be a new milestone for you. I wish you will remain happy and brave, like the Frozen Princesses you love!



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