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Happy 8th Birthday~ My little princess

Dear Little Princess,

Happy Birthday! Time flies, and you turned 8 this year!

This will be your last year of the ‘honeymoon’ as, from next year onwards, you will have weighted assessment tests around this period 😉

We picked you up after school since your birthday fell on a weekday.

We had a simple late lunch at Hangar66 since only finger foods were available when we arrived.

Once again, we offered to bring you to the bigger indoor playground, but you expressed your interest in going to Little Bear’s House. It’s an indoor playground mainly for younger children, which we discovered during COVID, and you seem to have fallen in love with it since then.

We had a 2-hour play there, watching you enjoy like a little girl in the toddler section. You look so prominent as the oldest jie jie there.

Afterward, we went to Swensen’s for your standard Chicken Baked Rice and Firehouse Happy Birthday Sundae.

One thing I love about you is that you are a simple girl by nature. Although you frequently ask for screen time and new toys, most of the time, you do not get too aggressive about your wants.

I hope you can continue to find joy in simple things in life. I may not be the best parent, and a lot of times, we ‘quarrel’ over my principles, which you cannot comprehend. Over the years, I’ve learned to be more patient through you, and you even comfort me at times when you sense that I am feeling frustrated and upset. I’m so glad that I have you in my life.


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