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Happy Birthday To Kpo Kia Papa~

Happy 46th Birthday to Kpo Kia Papa~

You are finally older than me again!

We started the day by sending Kpo Kia to school early in the morning, then we went home to nap (both of us were on leave).

We had a good nap till 11+am, before we woke up for a late breakfast… and then slacked again.

His Lunch

We rested for a while before heading to Allo French Cuisine for lunch. Since Kpo Kia Papa is a Lamb Shank lover, I’m determined to take him to all the restaurants around Singapore that serve this dish. Thus I got excited when I first noticed their menu included Lamb Shank.

Initially, I told Kpo Kia Papa that this restaurant seemed to serve authentic French cuisine… until a guy at the table next to us shared with another couple that they serve French cuisine with a local twist. Oops.

The dishes were cooked to the right texture, but the seasonal vegetables were slightly too salty. We were a bit shocked to see the Lamb Shank served under the mashed potatoes; at first, I thought they forgot to serve the lamb. I wish the portion of the Lamb Shank was larger and felt a bit guilty that Kpo Kia Papa was ‘deprived’ of the joy of deboning the lamb.

Oh yah. Thanks to the Chope voucher, I only had to pay SGD $98.28 for our lunch instead of $122.28.

After lunch, we went home and continued to relax.

His present — a Samsung Smart Monitor — arrived during lunch, so he spent the rest of the afternoon setting it up upon reaching home. I’m glad I requested it to be delivered one day before his birthday, as it was delayed and reached us on the actual day.

His Dinner

At Kpo Kia’s request, Kpo Kia Papa’s birthday dinner was at Hai Di Lao.

Since I put note that it was a birthday celebration when I made the booking, we got to enjoy some additional perks like longevity noodles, 科目三 dance performance, and the 变脸 (face-changing show). Understand that 变脸 is usually performed between 8-8:30 p.m. at the Seletar Mall branch daily. Share with you a secret, the 科目三 dance was my special request, which I didn’t tell Kpo Kia Papa about.

The servers were friendly and pleasant as usual, but I think they were overwhelmed that Friday night. Either they took a long time to remember my request for soy sauce without chili and needed reminding twice before it was served (when I almost finished dinner); or they forgot to serve us the prawns which I requested to be served deshelled. Luckily, I remembered the prawns when checking the bill, and they refunded the cost. We managed to loot a lot of snacks, which Kpo Kia and I loved! Pity I was still sick, so I didn’t dare to eat the ice cream.

Noticed something missing throughout the day?

LOL. Yes, there was no cake!

I thought HDL would give Kpo Kia Papa a slice of cake (like last time) when they sang Birthday Song for him, but they only served him a birthday fruit plate. And I forgot to prepare a ‘backup cake’… oops.

Hope Kpo Kia Papa enjoyed his birthday!

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