Phase 2HA Day 13

2021-05-28 – Friday

Friday! Managed to go out for a breath today so I’m happy.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Coffee Bean Chocolate Cake and Old Cheng Kee Curry Puff
    Sad to learn that Coffee Bean’s 2 cake for $10 promotion is over. Sadder that they even ‘downgraded’ – did not give me fork and the normal box packing for the slice of cake I got. Seriously I do not mind they changing to a smaller package to cut cost. I will imagine it also indirectly save the environment. Unfortunately, the plastic container that they gave is too small for the slice of cake and it ended up very messy. Spoiled my mood for a happy lunch.

  • Dinner: Ding Ji Noodle
    Kpo Kia and I were hungry even after dinner so we both had yogurt and more snacks after that.

Not very satisfying in terms of meals, but is happy that I get to leave the house for a ‘walk’ in the mall.

Binge-watching ‘Mine’ on Netflix now but now I have to wait for new episodes to roll out! It reminds me that human is greedy by nature and secrets hurts. Am I getting ‘darker’?


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