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Happy 44th Birthday To Me~

Another year older, but not sure if I really grow wiser?

This year is a challenging year for me. A couple of life episodes happened around me and those whom I love, and I am constantly trying to adjust my mentality to accept them and march on.

Let me do a simple reflection on what I had wished for last year, vs to what had really happened these days.

Wish vs Reality

Last birthday, I had wanted to….

  • Sleep earlier before 1.30am daily -> Most of the time I sleep before 2am… but, that’s basically it. I must continue to work towards my goal. In fact, these days I got tired so easily and dozed off before midnight. But I tend to wake up and continue my activities till 2am.
  • Wake up earlier before 7.45am during working days, and probably 9am during non-working days -> Thanks to Kpo Kia’s school and her enrichment classes, I had been waking up before 6.30am on school days, and barely been able to sleep beyond 10am on non-school days.
  • Drink lesser -> I have no choice but to cut down with my constant weight gain…  🙁 
  • Follow my daily skincare -> Never had I been so diligent on self-care than past year. 🙂 I realised collagen can really work! Although the effect took a lot of time to surface, it’s really important to have sufficient collagen intake.
  • Maintain my dental care -> Dentist had recommended me for a dental bone graft as my gum recession is getting worse. Know I tend to take a longer time for recovery, I am not keen to start it soon. Anyone can share your experience with me?
  • Maintain and subsequently reduced my weight, please, no heavier than current 62Kg -> OMG, I am still gaining!! I need some slimming solution but I am too lazy to workout and too greedy to control my diet!
  • Lesser social media and more hobby building. At least 50% should be ‘educational’ posts I can learn from, and 30% to catch up with my friends and family -> I am sort of addicted to Xiao Hong Shu 小红书, and like that I learned a lot through it. In fact, I find the content on it more ‘constructive’ then Tik Tok! 

And more?

As for my bullet journal… I still unable to persist in setting it up this year.

May just give up totally as it may not be for me. Or probably I should just change my approach and fall back to my ad hoc ‘checklist’ style?

Things I will work on for next coming year:

  • Sleep earlier before 1.00am daily
  • Cook healthier lunch for work, and speed up the cooking timing, I am not efficient in my meals planning 🙁
  • Continue on my daily skincare & selfcare
  • Complete my dental bone graft operation
  • Hopefully I can cut back my weight to be lesser than 60Kg, or at least exercise/walk more
  • Revive my photography & writing passion….   

Let’s see how much I can achieve next year~ 加油!


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