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6 Nights with LOVE, the Bring LOVE Everywhere project – by Wei

Have you heard of the “Bring LOVE Everywhere project” by artist Lee Wei Lieh?
Frankly speaking, I only learned about it when I attended the private screening of the short film – “6 Nights with LOVE”.

“What is love?” is a straightforward question that can be complicated. Explore what it means to different people with Wei during his 6 nights long “Bring LOVE Everywhere project”.

It’s interesting to learn about what he encountered during the project, responses of his followers, random passersby, and thoughts of the hosts of the artist’s rest stops?

It’s a small world

Coincidentally, one of the hosts happened to be my friend’s ex-neighbor (friend had moved away recently). I remembered visiting friend’s house last year for Christimas celebration, and she brought us to the nearby ‘Children library’. Understand it was set up by her neighbor from scratch. While we are amazed at the little corner, we happened to see the founder of the Children library!

This interesting lady left a deep impression on me with her ‘warmth’ personality. She started sharing with us what inspired her to start the Children library, and how she upkeeps it. Also mentioned the “Very Momentary Exhibition” that was presented by the “Very Small Exhibition” nearby not too long ago, and some challenges the artist encountered with the authorities. As I was focusing on the kids, I wasn’t really paying much attention. When she mentioned she was (actually is ‘will be’) hosting the artist, I assume he is an ‘ang moh’ (caucasian). Else why would one need hosting? And who in the right mind will do art that potentially challenge the authorities in Singapore, other than Sam Lo?

Bitterly hilarious film

Many times I laughed during the short film, but sometimes I feel emotional. I was deeply touched by his parents’ support of his project, even though they mentioned quite a few times they have no idea what and why he was doing it. There are also a few scenes that got me sighing… like when ‘no one stop for LOVE’, and when he got rejected for requesting to use ‘public resources.

Heard “6 Nights with LOVE” was submitted as an entry to the short film at Singapore International Film Festival. Sincerely wish that it can be selected for more to appreciate the project!


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