Phase 2HA Day 29

2021-06-13 – Sunday!

Last day of Phase2HA! Finally!

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Roasted Pork rice
    Boring lunch from the coffee shop near my house. Really don’t want to put much thinking into what to eat from there.
  • Dinner: Broccoli + Egg rice
    Kpo Kia papa volunteer to cook Broccoli rice for us, so I let him be. He rejected my proposal to add in some Chicken meat or seasoning to make the rice more flavourful, so I let him be. Haha. Ended up I managed to finish the rice by adding some (a lot actually) sesame sauce.

After our late lunch, we rest a while before Kpo Kia started her trial lesson with 掌门少儿. The app is quite interesting, but they required me to commit to at least $800 SGD worth of sessions shall I decided to sign up with them. Hmmm…. quite a big commitment.

Kpo Kia has not been easy to deal with these days. I think she got infected by other princesses in her class, getting more and more difficult. To my horror, when I saw how she throw tantrum and talked back to her dad, I see myself in her! She had been using my tone of voice and speech to talk to Kpo Kia papa.

I think it’s tough for kids her age to understand we can maintain different tones and speech to people from different levels. Regardless, I think I am not being a good model to her. *SIGH* Mental note to be more polite to Kpo Kia papa. Sorry, dear Hubby!

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