Phase 2HA Day 28

2021-06-12 – Saturday!

The weekend is finally here!

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Teriyaki Salmon Rice
    She really likes Teriyaki Salmon Rice. Managed to finish slightly over half the portion of the rice by herself.
  • Dinner: Fried Bee Hoon
    I thought we ordered the same from this stall over grab before but Kpo Kia papa laugh at me say impossible as the delivery from Toa Payoh will take a long time. @_@ But they taste almost similar. Don’t quite like the Bee Hoon, it tasted of the repeated cooking oil.

Today is a busy day. We started off the morning with her ‘Saturday Home-Based Learning session’. Then we quit halfway so she can join the virtual tour with Tampines Fire Station. Apparently, on zoom, we can set the dual-screen to show both screens by the presenter. But we are don’t know how to set it on iPad, so we missed part of the presentation. After the virtual tour, we had a Parents-Teachers conference with her preschool teachers.

In the late afternoon, we went out grocery shopping. We had not been going out often this day, so we lost stamina and got tired out soon. LOL!

Kpo Kia got herself a ‘Dog Man’ comics book. This is the first time I flipped through the book. I had always thought it’s a storybook when I first heard about it. Kpo Kia got very fascinated about it and stuck in the bookstore from the moment she stepped in till Kpo Kia papa bought her the book.

Learning to draw the cartoon characters in the book

Overall, a happy day!~

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