Phase 2HA Day 20

2021-06-04 – Friday

I was too tired so I dozed off around midnight the day before. Not bad. But still tired~

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Lasak
    The tou pok is not very soft to my liking, but overall it’s still edible. Cannot complaint too much since I can’t even cook something like this with instant paste.
  • Dinner: Mini Wok Noodle
    I ordered my own portion and gave some to Kpo Kia papa so I have enough space to eat other food~ Of course Kpo Kia papa is not very happy about it. Opps.

Kpo Kia papa bought her a balancing bike but it’s a bit too small for her. We had an ‘argument over the purchase of the bike but I gave in eventually. I find that if she already had a bike with 2 wheels, there is no need to get a balancing bike on top of it. But Kpo Kia papa insisted that it will speed up the learning process. Even though I argued that I find having a balancing bike is marketing hype, and if we can learn with normal bike, why do we fall into the trapped? Kpo Kia papa then argued that it’s the same logic as in the past our parents fed up water before we are 6 months, but now science proved that it’s not applicable anymore.


Sometimes it’s tough to argue with a man who cannot see eye to eye with you.
So single girls out there, please get a partner not too tall, Kpo Kia papa is 22cm taller than me so yah~. =.=”

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