Phase 2HA Day 07

2021-05-22 – Saturday

The sore arm effects still persist from the COVID-19 vaccination I took! You can check out my other post: I am Protected (against Covid-19)!~ to learn about my vaccination experience.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Duck and Chicken Rice
    Kpo Kia fussed and refused to eat the food and it upset me a bit. I don’t like her to build the habit of wasting food, some more after giving her half portion of rice, I wasn’t full!
  • Dinner: Terriyaki Sandwich and mango as a dessert
    Learned the lesson a few days back, and decided that it will be smarter to order my own sandwich. Kpo Kia can be a pretty big eater these days, guess staying at home bored her to hunger?

Was rotting at home the whole day binge-watching Netflix. Watching a series in which all the guys cheated on their wives. Not only that, they expect others to forgive and understand them, as they move on with their new relationships?!! I think I must be too bored, else why would I keep myself busy watching something that will make me angry?

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