Phase 2HA Day 27

2021-06-11 – Friday!

Super tired as I had stayed up quite late last night in an attempt to clear some tasks…. Ended up, I still need to continue it till today 1+ pm. zzz

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Instant noodle with egg
    The man decided to eat instant noodles, so I outsource my lunch to him while I do a quick round of Ringfit. OMG, my fats and cellulite are so obvious!
  • Dinner: Home cooked meal – CP Honey chicken, Otah, and fried egg
    Kpo Kia papa asked me to cook when we don’t have any greens at home, so it’ll be a processed food dinner! After dinner, we had ice cream with the brownie cookies I baked yesterday.

Sleepy day. Should I sleep earlier?

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