Phase 2HA Day 26

2021-06-10 – Thursday

I thought I slept earlier last night, but still can’t wake up early. YAWN~

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Overnight Oats with flaxseeds, chia seeds, honey, oat milk and cereal
    The portion is quite big since I am a big eater. But at least it’s not oily. It’s tough to eat overnight oats when Kpo Kia papa is having lunch with me. Because he will make do with something no filling if he thought I am eating ‘light’ meals. =.=” So I only get to eat overnight oats when he is not eating with me.
  • Dinner: Hong Kong Noodles
    Since she doesn’t like the rice I ordered the day before, so I bo bian order noodles to share with her. I am not really a noodle person, but yah. Ended up, she doesn’t like the noodles I ordered as well! ARGHHH…. She decided to steal some thick bee hoon from her dad’s dinner. Sigh. Hard to please sia.

Achievements of the day

Today I managed to complete 2 personal projects:

  • Baked my first brownies cookies. I anyhow whisked and double-boiled the ingredients as I was baking it during lunchtime so I need to be fast. Luckily it ended up edible. Mental note to myself: 80g of brown sugar is too much, will try out 60g next time. Also, I need to bake for almost 17 minutes rather than 12 mins as per the given recipes.
  • Did a simple science experiment with her – try blowing a ball of paper into the plastic bottle. I was experimenting it with myself, wanting to ensure I will succeed in it before getting her to join me. But she caught me playing, and off the iPad automatically to try it with her. LOL. I think it kept her busy for almost 10 minutes, including her Tik Kok time. She asked me to take videos of her in Tik Tok so she can decorate it with stickers and add captions for the videos. Kids these days….

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