CB Day 12: Saturday again

Finally it’s Saturday, I got the license to slack totally again!! Netflix till early morning before I sleep again.

Today schedule is:

  • 11:20am: Wake up late, to find Kpo Kia beside me. OMG! How are we going to adapt to normal lifestyle after CB is over?
  • 12:45pm: Ordered Mini Wok Noodle. Too used to share food with her, so didn’t finished my lunch, but she wanted fishball noodle again despite me cooking it last night, so no, I did not shared lunch with her. =.=”
  • 1:30pm: Slack slack…. nua
  • 5:30pm: Finally make her nap for once since CB starts. Time to turn on Youtube to watch ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ for free. Kpo Kia papa must be fearful or my cooking thus insist on ordering food delivery when I had told him many times I will be cooking all day breakfast tonight. 🙁 *Emo* Maybe tomorrow I shall cook for myself ONLY
  • 6.30pm: Kpo Kia wake up from her nap and sit down to watch Phantom of the Opera with me. She keep saying she likes the lead actress, because she is pretty and cute like a princess, and asked me to bring her to watch the performance in the theatre. LOL. She sure have atas taste.
  • 8pm: Feasting on the prawn roll, sweet and sour pork and the french beans with minced meat Kpo Kia papa ordered… really, my cooking is not even 10% as tasty as outside food 🙁

Today figure: 942 new cases

The Shows Must Go On YouTube Channel will be releasing a full-length, smash-hit musical once a week for you to watch for free. The Phantom of the Opera is available on YouTube starting Friday April 17 at 7pm BST (2pm EDT, 4am AEST). In a departure from The Shows Must Go On!’s usual practice, it will remain viewable for only 24 hours afterwards in the U.K., but for the usual full 48 hours everywhere else.

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