Phase 2HA Day 25

2021-06-09 – Wednesday

Work starting to get a bit busy with all the target set out for us.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Wanton Noodle
    Kpo Kia papa is too lazy to travel far to get our lunch, so lazy me ‘brainless-ly’ decide to have the safest choice for lunch.
  • Dinner: Fatty Bom Bom Crunchy chicken with rice.
    Decided to try out Fatty Bom Bom for the first time. Had initially wanted to order Grill fish with pasta but decide to switch to fried chicken instead since it’s hard to go wrong. Immediately regret for ordering the extra side fries when I see the portion. No wonder the name, I will become a fatty bom bom if I eat one month of meals from them. LOL.

Today is a busy day!

Received a meeting invite 15minutes before it starts so I faster pack and goes into Kpo Kia room’s for my call. This has been the unspoken arrangement so Kpo Kia papa and I will not disturb each other’s work. Life of Ka Kia running projects.

Rushed into the room and saw this sight. LOL! Sigh. I think we had not been playing with her often so she is having feast with her ‘friends’.

Today is a happy day!

I received my Diploma in the Business Analytics course!

On one hand, I don’t think I deserved the grades (first time received 2 As in a transcript!); on the other hand, I had really put my blood and tears into the course so I am very proud of myself!

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