Lazy Sunday: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

The storm outside the window remind me of a book I like in my secondary school days.

Roll of thunder
Hear my cry
Over the water
Bye and bye
Ole man comin’
Down the line
Whip in hand to
Beat me down
But I ain’t
Gonna let him
Turn me ’round.

Ironically, I was beaten by the storm… or rather, my own laziness, was supposed to go out to the DBS Marina Regatta 2014 to take photos. It was ages since I was went on a photography outing.

Taken at DBS Marina Regatta 2013, I need better cosplay photos…


If you are now at DBS Marina Regatta 2014 or is planning to go at the later part of the day, do join in and play a part for a good cause – every selfie taken at the Marina Regatta and hashtagged with #DBSMarinaRegatta, DBS will provide a free meal for an underprivileged primary school child.

Enjoy your Sunday!!!

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