Phase 2HA Day 22

2021-06-06 – Sunday

Can’t wake up early in the morning. I had wanted to sleep earlier but ended up watching Netflix after updating my Bullet Journal layout. I decided to keep it simple – don’t even have a design, and focus on making it functional instead. I realised I had not been updating it, whether to make use of it to keep track of my to-do list, or as a tracker for self-reflection. This is not good.

And saying not good is not enough. I need to action.
Today meal:

  • Lunch: Pork Rib Rice
    I think this is one of her favorite food from the coffee shop in our cluster =.=”
  • Dinner: Fish with tofu, Chicken nuggets, Cai Xin
    I am sick of outside food so I decided to cook one of the meals today. Since Kpo Kia papa bought a fish yesterday, it’s best to steam it while it’s still fresh.

Wanted to bake brownie cookies, but was too lazy. So we make pudding with the premix which is going to expire soon. I also get Kpo Kia to learn to read the instruction for me, hoping to improve her Language and Mathematics.

I decided to organised my digital assets, starting by doing up a folders template. Not sure if I can really organised my 2021 photos by this month. Let’s see how.

It’s a very hot day. So hot that I cannot think well. Need to sleep early today.

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