Phase 2HA Day 23

2021-06-07 – Monday

Tired. I dozed off “early” the night before, before 1am.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Subway Roasted Chicken Sandwich
    Quite meh when I tasted the cold roasted chicken meat in the sandwich. Tsk Tsk…. Can I blacklist Rivervale mall Subway?
  • Dinner: Bak Kut Teh
    Can you believe I had forgotten to order rice that comes separately from the Bak Kut Teh? OMG! Luckily I had a pack of instant rice from Daiso that save us from hunger.

Today is both a long and short day. So many things to do, and yet so little time.

There’s too much reading pending to be cleared. I also realised that I had not been talking professionally, and is not prepared for any professional conversation. Scary realization.

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