Phase 2HA Day 21

2021-06-05 – Saturday

Today meal:

  • Lunch: McDonald’s Piazza Shaker fries
    Finally get to eat the Pizza Shaker fries~ But as what JC described, the taste is just so-so. LOL!
  • Dinner: Qi Ji Nasi Lemak
    Since we will be dining at home, I decided it’s ok to get something with bones. LOL. This is how lazy I am – I seldom buy food with bones with I dine out. Because I don’t like to dirty my hand in case the cutlery is not working well.

Kpo Kia papa decided to let us go out to take a breath after a week, to do our grocery shopping. I targeted to complete the shopping session within an hour, and really leave the mall in 50minutes time! Was so proud of myself. Unfortunately, I am unable to redeem my shopee dining voucher, as we reached there too late for my Nam Kee Bao’s baos.  Arghhh.

Kpo Kia was bored, so I let her play with the ‘rock’ that A gave it to her during her declutter exercise. Glad that the toy kept her quite well entertained. I need to think of more activities to play with her. I am such a lazy mum.

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