Phase 2HA Day 17

2021-06-01 – Tuesday


Time flies.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: KFC Chicken
    Running out of idea on what to eat and saw KFC 6 pieces of chicken for $9 promotion. So we ordered it and sent Kpo Kia papa to pick up the lunch. Yay~
    Fat die me. I had 2 piece of chicken and some chicken skin ‘donated’ by Kpo Kia papa. He ate 4 piece of chicken, break record~
  • Dinner: Pork Rib Rice
    Better get something basic after our sinful lunch. And I miss rice after not having any for the past 3 main meals. So we shared a pack of Pork Rib Rice with egg, and had a cup of milo after meal since we still have room for more food.

I find that I had lost touch with technology and development. I had struggled for the past few days on accomplishing a very simple task. Time to buck up. Or at least read up.

Time to go entertain Kpo Kia to make her sleep. The first day of June just flies by again. Night~

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