Phase 2HA Day 18

2021-06-02 – Wednesday

Slept very late the night before. Drowsy.

Today meal:

  • Breakfast: Nutella Prata
  • Lunch: Chicken Cutlet rice
    Sinful lunch. I added some lettuces and tomatoes to pretend to be healthy. But the lettuce is bitter!
  • Dinner: Chicken Fried Rice
    Kpo Kia kept complaining she doesn’t like to eat fried rice. Luckily she is hungry enough to finish her portion.

Kpo Kia First

Kpo Kia was drinking water when she suddenly touched her teeth. She then told me she feels weird and I saw blood on her index finger! We quickly search for the fallen tooth but can’t find it anywhere. I was so worried she swallowed it and glad to found the tooth in her water bottle.

This is her first baby tooth that fell off. Glad the bleeding stop quite soon. She got very excited when we told her the tooth fairy will find her smelly tooth and give her something else, and start talking non-stop.

Real food

Was waiting for Kpo Kia to sleep, so I can eat potato chips, and I received a direct message from MY. She saw one of my Instagram posts and worried that I let Kpo Kia eat too much processed food. She then moved on to the topic of real food. Sigh. I hate aging. I can no longer binge eating and diet till I slim back to my 50+Kgs. Should I spend more on real food? But even if I buy, the Ongs don’t like my non-processed cooking. 🙁


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