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Product Review: SuperHot Fat Burn™ and SuperWhite C+™

There’s a Chinese saying “没有丑女人,只有懒女人(There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones)”. This means that if one practices her beauty rituals diligently, she will look as pretty as she can be. What if she is too busy? Or she is too tired? Does it means she’s doomed?

As a working mum, I’m always rushing. Rushing to send Kpo Kia to work, rushing for deadlines, rushing….

A lot of time, time for basic skincare can be a luxury for me.

Ever since I stepped into my 40s, I realised that aging is my fight against slower metabolism and speeding formation of melanin.

Glad to have a chance to try out the SuperFood Lab products – SuperHot Fat Burn™ and SuperWhite C+™.

SuperHot Fat Burn™

Quite a few of my friends around my age begin sharing their health problems. The common advice given by the doctors is always – to control your diet and minimize weight gain. Although I try to cut down on my normal diet intake, I cannot resist all the seasonal yummy food~ Durian Season is just over, and I am welcomed by the Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes. In fact, there are a few celebrations in September and October, so it’s unavoidable for me to indulge in these feasting. Luckily with the help of  SuperHot Fat Burn™, I managed to maintain my weight for the past 2 weeks.

Despite 2 weeks of birthday celebrations and mooncakes indulging, I managed to lose 2 inches of belly fats around my waist~
Not so successful around my arm though =)
Feel less sinful when I enjoyed mooncakes with SuperHot Fat Burn™!

SuperHot Fat Burn™ contains ‘super fibre’ PHGG – which is a powerful soluble dietary fiber. When ingested, PHGG becomes a gel-like substance in the digestive system and acts as a natural barrier. It helps me to feel full easier and avoid overindulging in sinful ‘happy food’.

The formulation also contains natural fat-burning ingredients such as Green Coffee Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketones. They help to trigger the overall energy level and glucose metabolism, flush out excess fluids, and melt stubborn fat from the belly and waist.

SuperWhite C+™

Recently I have shared my dark spot problem on various social media platforms. Need to confess despite feeling bothered over it, lazy me still forgot to apply sunscreen sometime. SuperWhite C+™ is edible sunscreen that I can just pour the powder directly into my mouth and consume! It contains natural ingredients like Glutathione, Orange, and Acerola Cherry with high efficacy and targeted skin protection. These ingredients help to suppress melanin formation and achieve brighter skin tone. 160% (RDI) high potency antioxidant vitamin C effectively supports UV protection, and helps in anti-aging, keeping the skin hydrated.

All in all, SuperHot Fat Burn™ helps to block glucose absorption for the prevention of premature skin aging problems; and SuperWhite C+™ helps skin whitening and hydration. They work hand in hand to help us stay healthy and pretty. I especially love that both products are available in individual sachets, it’s so easy to carry around, and convenient for consumption.

You can get your SuperFood Lab products from Guardian on

This blog post is in collaboration with SuperFood Lab but all opinions are my own.

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