Phase 2HA Day 02

2021-05-17 – Monday

Since we canceled the staycation, I have to face the reality and go back to work… from home.

Life is as normal.

I was quite excited during lunchtime to go out run errands…. before I remembered we are not allowed to dine out. zzzz

Kpo Kia papa finally tried Jollibee for the first time, and I had my second try.

Kpo Kia papa had a good ‘system clearance’ after the meal as the spicy chicken is too spicy.

We had pasta from Pasta Mania for dinner, and Old Cheng Kee curry puff as dessert.

After making Kpo Kia sleep, my mouth got itchy and finished a pack of spicy chips all by myself.

RIP my diet plan….

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