Phase 2HA Day 03

2021-05-18 – Tuesday

Second working day and I nearly lost track of time.

Today meal:

Lunch: I bought noodle, fish fillet and wu xiang from the stall at MRT station. And it cost $5+. Ouch, find it quite expensive for me.
Dinner: I cooked broccoli, fish, and tofu.

I went out to run an errand during lunchtime and caught a couple of folks eating outside discreetly. Initially, I was complaining to Kpo Kia papa that these people are irresponsible. But Kpo Kia papa later clarified that this is legal, though not advisable. I ended up pity them when I put myself in their shoes, feeling like a criminal even though it’s not a crime. This reminded me of my breastfeeding days when I was placed in the building which I can’t pump, which eventually forced me to give up on my breastfeeding journey.

At night, Kpo Kia papa helped me collected my ezbuy items. I assemble them and finally got myself a trolley! Was meant to organised Kpo Kia’s book and stationery in it but it’s too low/short for the books! Fedup and it ended up as my office laptop stand. It’s quite convenient and I don’t need to keep moving my home lappy and office laptop around since my study desk is too small for 2 laptops and an external monitor.

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