Phase 2HA Day 15

2021-05-30 – Sunday

Time flies. Tomorrow is Monday again… I have yet to clean up my messy dog nest~

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Ginger Onion Pork Rice
    Kpo Kia does not like the onion so I gave her more pork… ended up I felt hungry by late afternoon and snack
  • Dinner: Sushi
    I promised Kpo Kia if she sleep before midnight the night before, we will make sushi for our dinner, so I prepared for her. Haha, it took longer than I expected although I thought ‘ready-food’ will be faster. We had carrot, cucumber for fiber, egg, luncheon meat, and cheese sausage for protein. I overlooked that we still need to fry the luncheon meat and sausage and they need to go in batches since the pan is not big enough. Same for the egg, I sort of forgotten how to fry them to sheet thin.

Managed to collect my ezbuy items – the food storage container I got to organised my kitchen. But since I am feeling lazy today, so probably I can only start packing in the coming weekend? Kpo Kia was very excited to see the storage container and even asked me to take photos of her with them. LOL~!

It’s a very hot Sunday. Feel so tired and sweaty…

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