Phase 2HA Day 08

2021-05-23 – Sunday

The sore arm effects still persist from the COVID-19 vaccination I took, it lasts longer than expected! You can check out my other post: I am Protected (against Covid-19)!~ to learn about my vaccination experience.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Roasted Chicken Rice and Ice cream as dessert
    Since I know Kpo Kia will definitely eat more if we get her chicken rice for lunch, I can order my own pack of chicken rice too! HAHA~ Had a fulfilling lunch. After an hour or so, I decided to let Kpo Kia enjoy her cheat day and choose her tea break. She added some Honey crunch into her ice cream and she loves it~ She even finished half of Kpo Kia papa’s tea break (milk with Honey crunch) and asked for me.
  • Dinner: Fish and egg with minced meat
    Can’t cook the frozen fish well, the flesh of the fish is tasteless although I cooked it with sauce. The minced meat is too bland. Not sure why the YouTube video only need 10minutes while I take 20minutes to steam the egg,

I didn’t sleep well the night before, probably because I was still binge-watching the show? So by the time I woke it, it’s almost noon~ So my grand plan of having a fanciful breakfast is gone again.

After watching 10+ episodes of the show, I decided to skip to the ending to ensure it has a “proper ending”. Guess what? To my horror, the next 6 episodes are all about throwback of how the men find their new loves and eventually cheat on their wives. I decided to stop watching the show and go back to my Tik Tok and 小红书 instead. At least the videos are not too long, mostly contain life hacks of some sort, or at least are funny.

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