I come across to a site call swap-bot when I was more active in crafting few years back.
I remembered I was having a lot of overtime in work and I started to feel a bit stress, losing direction and meaning in my life. I realised doing craft and swap provide me a therapy effect and I feel more calm and happy when I know there are high chances that the receiver of my swap item will be looking forward to get something from me, be it an email, an ATC card, a postcard. This bring me joy.

Stop swapping for quite some time, there are so many things happening in my life, but I still decided to join in a swap again: Follow me #7. We are supposed to go into our swap partners’s blog and read their blog, comments, and follow them. Saw a lot of talented artworks from these blogs and I guess I will share the list of blogs here, hopefully no one will feel unhappy over it 😀

  1. Vintage Love and Photographs:
  2. Pookledo:
  3. My Scrappy Corner:
  4. Vardags Babbel (this is in swedish language if I am not wrong, need help from google translation)
  5. Sweet Seamstress:
  6. by george you’ve got it!:
  7. mama*inshane studio:
  8. Quite Fast For a Snail:
  9. Smadronia’s Adventures:
  10. Letter is better:
  11. Katrina Alana:
  12. Janel Was Here:
  13. Where to, Miss? To the stars. :

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  1. Good idea to post all of your swappers. I found swap-bot but had also taken a break for a while. This is my first swap back too. Welcome back!


  2. That's cool, to have a list of all the blogs! There I am! 🙂
    Swap-bot's been really fun so far.


  3. Woo-hoooa, thanks for sharing a link to my blog, it's really nice of you 🙂 You know, crafting and swapping is also very relaxing thing for me 🙂 For some swaps you don't even need much time – like for postcard ones, and you have a lot of fun anyway! 😀

    Follow me #7 (ladybehemot)

  4. Thanks! Happy swapping ~

  5. Haha, I think swap-bot is a cool website and help me connect to people from all over the world swapping. 😀

  6. Thanks~ I guess I have to stick with simple swap till I get a chance to organised my stuff then will start more crafting swap like ATC etc 😀

  7. Thanks for the link 🙂

    Pookledo at swapbot

  8. You are welcome 😀

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