Phase 2HA Day 09

2021-05-24 – Monday

The sore arm effects from the COVID-19 vaccination finally (almost) go off. Life goes on too.

Another Monday working from home, not able to dine out.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Green Dot Crispy Beancurd Skin w Sesame Rice Set
    Since Kpo Kia papa had been wanting to try their food, I decided to build good karma by being ‘kind’ to him today. I find that I will feel better after eating vegetarian food whenever I feel ‘blocked’ in my life. Accidentally ate the papadum that came with Kpo Kia Papa’s meal, no wonder I find his portion of food so pathetic. LOL! Till date, I think my favourite vegetarian food is from New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant near Jalan Besar. I used to think it’s expensive…. till I can’t find any decent vegetarian below $6 other than those stalls near Middle road.
  • Dinner: Mohamed Javed Indian Muslim Food Chicken Murtabak and Coin Prata
    The Murtabak turned a bit soggy by the time we reached home, but the coin prata still taste decent. Kpo Kia and papa (and me!) loves their coin prata as it is coated with cinnamon powder. Surprising not a lot of places still coin prata with cinnamon so they will remain as one of our favorite store in Sengkang till we find a better option.


First official dental visit

We brought her to the dentist, intending to extract her baby teeth so it will not ‘fight space’ with the adult teeth. It turns out that the dentist does not recommend us to ‘traumatise her for her first dental visit. He shared that since the baby teeth is shaky, and the adult teeth is ‘growing in the wrong location’; it will eventually ‘knocked off’ the baby teeth and grow normally. It’s common for parents to worry about ‘crowding’ where the teeth are too crowded and overgrown the gum area. But it usually does not happen unless the parents have this genetically. Telling him I had this issue, but he persuades me to monitor instead.

According to him, the only time we need to be alert if when the upper teeth grows behind the lower teeth. In such situation, we need to bring her to visit the dentist ASAP. He also advised us to bring her back for a checkup every 6 months to 1 year, and changed her toothpaste. Alas, no ice cream for Kpo Kia today~

What happened last night?

I cannot sleep at night till almost early morning, just when I was dozing off, Kpo Kia opened her eyes and search for me. She held my hand and keep hugging it, and began to sniff. I thought she had a nightmare and was crying so I asked if she wants me to sleep with her. She suddenly gave me a bright smile and say ‘Yes’ softly. @_@ After patting her to sleep for a while, she finally dozed off again.

In the morning, I asked Kpo Kia if she had a nightmare, she shakes her head. She claimed she was just sniffing and have a running nose. It suddenly comes to me that she could be using my hand as ’tissue’ to wip her nose. She insisted that she didn’t do so and I didn’t feel anything wet last night. So what exactly happened?!

Guess she might get too excited over the idea that we are bringing her to the dentist this evening?

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