CB Day 56: Last Day of CB~~~

Today is 1-Jun-2020.

Finally, last day of CB! I am so happy my heart is singing~~

Today schedule is:

  • 9:10am: It’s a struggle to wake up early, but since I need to prepare myself to wake her up tomorrow morning onward, lol, no choice. Breakfast is a cup of old town white coffee and the egg tart I made yesterday.
  • Attempted to guide her to learn, but give up for a while, she is totally not interested in listening to me. Actually, upon reflection, if Kpo Kia papa and I are both so ‘not discipline’, how do we expect Kpo Kia to learn to be disciplined by us? Hmm….
  • 1:40pm: Kpo Kia papa helped us to da bao economic bee hoon, unfortunately, Kpo Kia is not very interested it in, probably too oily?
  • After lunch, Rot again… attempted to make some Chinese educational stuff for Kpo Kia.
  • 7:00pm: Decided to have something not so sinful after so many days of puff and curry, so cook Cod fish in foil and Spinach and fishball. Boring dinner, but prepared in less than an hour. Lazy me.
  • After dinner, when Kpo Kia is showering, she is so happy to go back to school that she keep singing in bathroom, LOL, can tell she is very bored at home.

So excited for CB to be over, though I will still be rotting at home, but at least Kpo Kia will be in school, and I will be able to do my own things.

Today figure: 408 new cases

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